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Oral Surgery and Wisdom Teeth: In our state of the art dental centre, we provide safe and effective oral surgical procedures. We have oral surgeons with 15-20 years of surgical expertise who help you to have the least traumatic and least painful surgical experience.

Our office is equipped with the latest and state of the art equipment. Our staff is trained to help you feel relaxed and take utmost pains to make you feel comfortable.

What is Oral Surgery?

Oral surgery includes the removal of impacted or severely decayed teeth, placement of dental implants, removal of cysts of the mouth and jaws.

What’s involved in a consultation?

The consultation is done in advance of any Oral Surgery to co-ordinate with you and your physicians and dentists. At this time, arrangements can also be made for anesthesia and recovery. We will evaluate all of your options and confirm your health status by filling out a full medical history as well as take all necessary x-rays. At this meeting, you will also be able to discuss alternatives, financial matters, risks and benefits.

When can I resume physical activity?

You should reduce activity immediately after surgery.

How long will it take to have my wisdom teeth removed?

Wisdom teeth removal surgery usually takes 15 minutes to half an hour, but we need about 1 hour to prepare and allow for sufficient recovery.

What kinds of foods can I eat?

For the first few days following surgery, you should eat soft foods and foods that will not leave particles that can lodge in the extraction site. A post-extraction manual is provided to every patient, which has all the details listed.

How much swelling should I expect after Oral Surgery?

We don’t anticipate anything more than moderate swelling, but it’s important that you take the medication that is prescribed to you to deal with swelling and to eliminate infection.